Welcome to physiotherapy 90 - Sinds 1990 zorg voor uw bewegen
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Welcome to physiotherapy 90


With a Dutch health insurance


If you have a Dutch health insurance you might have (limited) coverage for physical therapy.

Only with an ‘aanvullende verzekering’ / additional package you will receive coverage for physical therapy.

How many appointments are covered depends on your type of package.

If you have no coverage you will receive an invoice.

[Particular costs] per can be found below.


Before you start your treatment it is wise to contact your insurance for information.


Without a Dutch health insurance


If you don’t have a Dutch insurance you will receive an invoice.



The particular costs are:

Session physical therapy                                                   € 41,00

Treatment at home                                                          € 54,00

Screening                                                                        € 20,00
Intake and examination                                                    € 61,50

Manual therapy                                                               € 51,00

Psychsomatic physiotherapy                                              € 51,00
Writing up reports (personal injury)                                   € 51,00


For more information Contact us 

Or call 050- 571 71 57


Click here to see our team.




Zonnelaan :


Monday:             08.00-20.00

Tuesday:             08.00-18.00

Wednesday:         08.00-13.30

Thursday:            08.00-18.00

Friday:                 08.00-17.00


Mo-Fri                  08.00-12.30




Monday:             08.00-15.00

Tuesday              08.00-17.00

Wednesday:         08.00-15.00

Friday:                 08.00-15.00




Monday:             08.00-20.00

Tuesday:             08.00-18.00

Wednesday:        08.00-20.00

Thursday:            08.00-19.30

Friday:                08.00-18.00


House rules Fysiotherapie 90


In order to make the best possible communication between you and your therapist, we have set up a number of house rules.

Please read this carefully.


How to make an appointment

you can make an appointment in the following way:

Call us :                             050 571 71 57

Send a mail:                       info@fysiotherapienegentig.nl


send me a message using the form, click here



Cancel Appointment

At least 24 hours in advance
or the treatment will be charged



The practice shall not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of your property.


Customer satisfaction:

When the treatment is completed, you will automatically receive an anonymous customer satisfaction survey. Which we kindly ask you to fill in so that we can further improve our quality.


Privacy laws

If you choose to be treated with us, you will automatically choose to accept the terms and conditions, the handling, the privacy and the complaints system.

These can be found on our website: www.fysiotherapienegentig.nl


Any questions and/or comments?

Mail to : info@fysiotherapienegentig.nl


Kind Regards